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Project Description
FPS is a site username and password manager. Store all your site passwords in an Access 2007 database. With data encryption feature, recognises Windows Login, and import/export data to XML file.

Free Password Safe (FPS) version 2.5 is now available. In this release are all the old features and new bug fixes. The source code provides the programmer source code for interacting with an Access 2007 database in Visual Studio 2008 VB.Net with raw SQL statements and also Memory Stream data encryption and also XML file creation, XML Reader, and XML Writer sub routines.

For the client using FPS - this program allows you to store all your website username and passwords with Notes in one handy application. Simple one click record creation allows the client to easily create Access 2007 database records. The author is using the program even for the password and username for code plex!

Now with database data encryption with DES, TripleDES, Rijndael, or RC2 algorythms. Also supports a multi-user environment with the 'Install for All users' option from Setup.exe executable installer. This options recognises your Windows Login details for added security so only you can access your data when you are authenticated (logged in via Windows username / password) and Guest access is denied automatically. The program just exits if you are a guest.

Furthermore, version 2.5 now comes with the ability to import password database to an XML for later importing to a upgraded version of FPS. Now, you no longer need to re-input all your data when upgrading to future versions of FPS.

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